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[S4E13] The Sky Is Falling

Dean falls for help as Ben swims toward him. Ben arrives and grabs him, keeping him up above the water as he struggles to hold Gregory up. Gregory repeats that it's hard to breathe before falling unconscious. They watch in horror as the ship moves in the distance. Gregory has no pulse, so they attempt CPR, but they're unable to get any traction, so Dean tries a precordial thump instead. It also fails, so Ben says Gregory is gone.

[S4E13] The Sky Is Falling

In space, Raven floats over to a door and sees that her oxygen is down to 18 percent. She attaches a power conduit to the door and awaits Clarke to get the power on. At this moment, we see Clarke physically attempting to get the satellite dish to turn to get it back online. She eventually succeeds and then the control panel says that it's searching for a signal. Suddenly, it shuts off as Praimfaya is virtually breathing down Clarke's neck. She proceeds to descend the tower and begins running for the lab. However, she falls and cracks her helmet. She gets inside Becca's lab and takes off her helmet, but her face is burned from the radiation. This scene ends with her falling and passing out.

Santana and Sam meet in the auditorium, where they sing Make No Mistake (She's Mine) to try to win the hand of Brittany. Unknown to them, Brittany witnessed a portion of their performance with a frown on her face. Blaine and Tina continue to speak in front of the lockers. Tina admits that she does not feel like a diva and believing she has no chance to win Diva Week. Blaine offers to help her and invites her to his house in the afternoon to find the perfect song. At Blaine's house, Blaine and Tina lie down on the bed and consult some of the biggest hit song of old school divas, including Cher, Aretha Franklin, and Madonna. Blaine begins to feel tired and lies down on the bed. Tina, ready to express her feelings, tells him that she is falling in love with him, and that they can both have a sexless relationship. She turns around to see that Blaine is really asleep. Tina slowly unbuttons his shirt then proceeds to sit on his stomach and apply the vaporub to his chest. Crying, she comes off him and rests her head on his chest.

The preview also notes some other important details that might hint that the Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 will clear the names of the Armed Detective Agency. At one point, the preview sees Atsushi holding Sigma as he is falling down from the sky, and this might change the fate of the Detective Agency. 041b061a72

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