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Because offers a drag-and-drop design interface, you can relieve yourself from the inconvenience of working from scratch whenever you need to make a customized poster. With just a click on any of our Poster Templates, you can start producing several copies in less than five minutes or so. Whether you're editing the layout to fit your line of business, event, or desired aesthetic, our online design tool gives you a wide array of editing features to get you creative with your posters, quick and easy.


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Are you creating posters for a school activity, educational quiz, research project, or conference? Our editor tool lets you customize our poster templates however you see fit. You can start from blank or choose from our pre-designed templates. Don't hesitate to set your own background theme, add a modern aesthetic, or set the layout to horizontal, portrait, or vertical orientation.

It is a process of compiling a poster with attractive and eye-catching content. It is an advertising tool that contains details vital to convey to the prospective customers of a company or an organization. A poster includes such information and messages on its featured subject apart from graphics designs.

Let poster templates elevate your work. Whether remixed for social media, printed and hung, or edited for the ideal marketing promo, endless creative possibilities are ready for you to design with Picsart poster templates.

Poster sessions offer researchers opportunities to highlight their work. Almost all major scientific meetings have poster sessions, with posters formatted and printed in a standard way. This page provides information and resources.

Slides 1-5 include instructions on how to choose the best template for your project and edit it accordingly. If you need to design scientific figures for your poster or write a layperson-friendly research, you may want to consult the summary of resources on science communication.

For undergraduates, the Office of Diversity and Student Programs has a poster printer that can be used in support of on-campus poster sessions (for degrees or departments) or for poster assignments in courses. Because this facility is not staffed as a full-service printing facility, course-based printing and on-campus event printing must be coordinated in advance. Requests must be submitted at least one week in advance of the event or due date. Requests may take up to five business days to process (from file submission to poster pick-up). Additionally, course-based posters are limited to a canvas size of 24 x 36 inches. Please email group or individual poster printing requests to:

Printing can be done Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm. During the Fall and Spring academic semesters, we require a 48-hour turnaround time for all individual poster printing requests. In the Summer, we require a 72-hour turn around time to accomodate for our reduced staff.

Our main focus is to provide printing services for CNS undergraduate students. Currently, there is a fee of $25 for any College of Natural Sciences student inquiring poster printing with us. At this time, we regret that we are no longer able to provide printing for non-undergraduate CNS students, faculty or persons outside of the college.

Max size: 42" wide x 60" long. There is an additional $10 per foot over 60 inches in length. Completed posters should be sent to Please also include a copy of your payment receipt in the email to confirm payment. When emailing your poster, please entitle your document "last name_first name".

No matter the message you wish to convey to your audience, you can make it happen with just a few clicks by using PowerPoint to create a powerful poster. These poster templates are ready to be customized and will fit all of your needs whether you are issuing out a public service announcement, a fundraiser, or an infographic. Perhaps you want to motivate your followers and inspire them throughout their day while remaining in their minds. Or perhaps you're launching a sale, promoting an event, or hosting an open house for your real estate sales. If you want to make the biggest splash across your social media channels, then these templates are ready for both organic and paid posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can leverage the professionally designed flyer and poster templates and tweak them to fit your message through your custom photographs, typefaces and fonts, or fun facts about you and your business. Here is your chance to let your personality shine through.

Use one of the UAB PowerPoint templates below to save time when creating a poster. Each UAB poster template can be adjusted (logos changed, section titles changed, content rearranged, etc.) to suit your needs after downloading.More UAB templates can be found at UAB Research Posters.

There are three different options of posters to choose from. Among those options are different variants in layout. The dimensions in the file names are the sizes they can be printed. A square can be scaled to any size up to 48" by 48." When renaming the file, save as: LastName_FirstName - TitleofPoster.pptx

South Dakota State University has made available a number of university-approved templates for research posters. All researchers (including faculty, graduate students and undergraduates) are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these templates. Using these preapproved templates will ensure faster artwork approval, which is needed for printing. Please also share the designs with student researchers.

Billboard Posters, also called better posters or Posters 2.0, are a new style of scientific poster that intends to simplify posters and make sharing information easier in a shorter amount of time. We have templates and tutorials to get you started.

Here are some PowerPoint templates to get you started. Feel free to change the colors and layout as needed. These templates are within the PowerPoint page size limit of 56" and comes in several different aspect ratios, each of which can be printed in a number of sizes (as listed).

Most poster presentation events follow similar guidelines, so much of this advice will be relevant to professional conferences, in addition to all USU Office of Research events including the Fall and Spring Student Research Symposia. If you intend to reuse your poster at future events, check their guidelines for any unique expectations or requirements.

Most academics lack the experience needed to efficiently build a good poster design from the ground up through a creative software application. Unless you have sufficient experience in using such software, we recommend that you design your work in Microsoft PowerPoint. This allows you to build your poster in a high resolution that will print well on a full-sized poster while giving you flexibility to move the elements of your work around as you decide how you want the poster to flow.Make sure you set your slides to match your poster dimensions.

The purpose of your poster may vary by event: for example, in some conferences your poster will be left up for people to review at their leisure outside of the assigned poster session time, in which case you would want it to serve as a stand-alone summary of your project.For the on-campus conferences hosted by the Office of Research, however, you'll be by your poster the whole time it's on display.This means that you can use your poster as a way to emphasize what you say to your audience, to guide the reader towards certain questions or talking points, or even to help you remember what you plan to say. Your poster should help you by reflecting the flow of your verbal presentation.Most poster designs break the project down into modular boxes, with some space for visual aids such as charts, graphs, or pictures interspersed with text boxes. As you consider what template or layout will serve you best, think about what modules would fit your project. Some common modules/poster sections include:

As a researcher, it is your responsibility to ensure that your poster ethically and accurately represents your work. Taking care with your visual aids is especially important, as poorly-executed graphs or charts can easily lead your audience to inaccurate assumptions about your results.

6-foot ruleThe majority of your audience will be reading your poster at a distance before deciding to come talk to you. A rule of thumb is to size your fonts so that the whole poster can be read from 6 feet away.

Be mindfulBe mindful that your audience may include people that have additional needs. Did you know that nearly 10% of adults have some degree of color deficiency and cannot easily distinguish between some colors? Have you considered how difficult a wheelchair-seated person may find reading a small font near the top of your poster? There are some very easy things you can do to ensure that your presentation is more accessible to most people, such as choosing a different color scheme or maintaining large fonts.

In general, most poster templates aim to communicate information clearly and quickly, with visual elements serving to separate different sections of the poster and direct attention to key findings. A clean, easy-to-read poster makes use of helpful visual cues.

A new poster template has emerged as an alternative to the above templates, taking the idea of minimizing the noise and distraction to a new degree. You can read more about this poster template developed by Mike Morrison, a doctoral student in psychology at Michigan State University, here.

Every communication distributed on behalf of UC Davis Health helps build the UC Davis Health brand. Use these sample templates and examples to help guide you in making consistent UC Davis Health branded marketing collateral. 041b061a72

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