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Refox Xi Full Version 154

Refox Xi Full Version 154

Refox Xi is a software tool that can decompile and brand Visual FoxPro applications. It can also provide protection and compression for the decompiled code. Refox Xi is compatible with Visual FoxPro 9 and all older versions. Refox Xi has been updated to version 154 in 2023, which has some new features and improvements.


What is Refox Xi?

Refox Xi is a software tool that can decompile Visual FoxPro applications into source code. Decompiling means converting the executable file (.exe) or dynamic link library (.dll) back into the original source code (.prg) that was used to create it. This can be useful for recovering lost or damaged source code, modifying or enhancing existing applications, or learning from other developers' code.

Refox Xi can also brand Visual FoxPro applications with a custom logo, icon, splash screen, and text. Branding means changing the appearance and identity of an application to make it look like it was created by someone else. This can be useful for marketing purposes, creating different versions of the same application, or hiding the original authorship of the code.

Refox Xi can also provide protection and compression for the decompiled code. Protection means encrypting the code to prevent unauthorized access or modification. Compression means reducing the size of the code to save disk space and improve performance. Refox Xi offers three levels of protection and compression, depending on the needs of the user.

What are the new features of Refox Xi version 154?

Refox Xi version 154 has the following new features:

  • Added support for Windows 11.

  • Built-in compiler VFP9 compatible.

  • Compression on branded applications.

  • Dynamic modification of runtime DLL.

  • Enhanced protection Level III.

  • General interface enhancements.

  • Localization.

These features make Refox Xi more compatible, efficient, secure, and user-friendly than ever before.

How to get Refox Xi version 154?

To get Refox Xi version 154, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download ReFox XI files ReFox_INST and ReFox_HELP from [ReFox XI - The FoxPro Decompiler and Brander].

  • Create a new folder for ReFox (e.g. "C:\ReFox XI") and unpack both archives.

  • Install ReFox FIX for some possible problems.

  • Fill out your details in the form and send the data for generating activation key to

  • Wait for sending the activation key back by email.

  • Copy the new activation key to ReFox folder and run ReFox.setup.exe again.

  • Enjoy using Refox Xi version 154!

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact or visit [ReFox XII - The FoxPro Decompiler and Brander] for more information.

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