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Kama Sutra

also Kamasutra, 1871, from Sanskrit Kama Sutra, name of the ancient treatise on love and sexual performance, from kama "love, desire" (from PIE *ka-mo-, suffixed form of root *ka- "to like, desire") + sutra "series of aphorisms" (see sutra).

Kama Sutra

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit Kama, name of the Hindu god of love, kamah "love, desire;" Old Persian kama "desire;" Latin carus "dear;" Old Irish cara "friend;" Old English hore "prostitute, harlot."

in Buddhism, a series of aphorisms concerning ceremonies, rites, and conduct, from life's duties to household practices, 1801, from Sanskrit sutram "rule," literally "string, thread" (as a measure of straightness), from sivyati "sew" (from PIE root *syu- "to bind, sew"). Applied also to rules of grammar, law, philosophy, etc., along with their commentaries.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit sivyati "sews," sutram "thread, string;" Greek hymen "thin skin, membrane," hymnos "song;" Latin suere "to sew, sew together;" Old Church Slavonic šijo "to sew," šivu "seam;" Lettish siuviu, siuti "to sew," siuvikis "tailor;" Russian švec "tailor;" Old English siwian "to stitch, sew, mend, patch, knit together."

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One of the earliest descriptions of encryption by substitution appears in the Kama-sutra, a text written in the 4th century AD by the Brahmin scholar Vatsyayana, but based on manuscripts dating back to the 4th century BC. The Kama-sutra recommends that women should study 64 arts, including cooking, dressing, massage and the preparation of perfumes. The list also includes some less obvious arts, including conjuring, chess, bookbinding and carpentry. Number 45 on the list is mlecchita-vikalpa, the art of secret writing, advocated in order to help women conceal the details of their liaisons. One of the recommended techniques involves randomly pairing letters of the alphabet, and then substituting each letter in the original message with its partner.

Conclusions: Our findings suggest that there are no gender differences in the frequency of use of sexual positions, but their rated pleasurability differs between men and women, and higher frequency of use of face-to-face positions with female above increases the likelihood of achieving coital orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse. Most results, however, were of small effect sizes, and more research is needed to further explore this issue. Krejčová L, Kuba R, Flegr J, et al. Kamasutra in Practice: The Use of Sexual Positions in the Czech Population and Their Association With Female Coital Orgasm Potential. Sex Med 2020;8:767-776.

Like Hatha yoga, the"Kama Sutra" employs asanas and issometimes considered to be the definitive link between sex and yoga. A few moderntypes of yoga make use of the "Kama Sutra's" asanas and philosophy, such as Kamasutra yoga and Sexy yoga.

According to Hindu scriptures, kama (pleasure)is one of the four goals of life. Theother three are dharma (duty or morality), artha (prosperity, wealthand power) and moksha (freedom from cyclical rebirth). The "Kama Sutra" was written as a guide to achieving kama, in particular, physical pleasure.

"While we think of sex when someone says the word kama sutra, what it really is about is finding self-love, being a dutiful husband/wife, and learning to appreciate the arts," Srinivasan explains. "It teaches us to derive pleasure from inherently nonsexual activities."

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