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Cardinal - Season 2

Across six episodes, the first season adapts the first John Cardinal novel Forty Words for Sorrow (2000),[4] which focuses on the investigation of the murder of a young girl.[1] On February 28, 2017, CTV renewed Cardinal for a second and third season, each containing six episodes.[5] The second season adapts Blunt's third Cardinal novel, Blackfly Season, while the third adapted the novels By the Time You Read This and Crime Machine, the fourth and fifth novels in the series.[5] The fourth and final season adapts the sixth novel, Until the Night.[6]

Cardinal - Season 2


The first season was directed by Daniel Grou, and produced by Sienna Films and eOne Entertainment.[4] It commenced production in Sudbury, Ontario in February 2016, with some additional location filming taking place in North Bay, Nipissing First Nation and Atikameksheng Anishnawbek.[3] The first season was given a production budget of $1,800,000 per episode.[27] Locations included the former studios of CBC Northern Ontario and the North Bay Public Library, which served as the Algonquin Bay police station.[28]

Episodes from the second season premiered a day in advance of their television broadcast on on-demand service Crave TV.[31] Filming on the third season completed in July 2018,[32] and the season began airing on January 24, 2019.[33] The fourth and final season was broadcast in 2020 with its finale airing on May 11, 2020.

In the United Kingdom the series was broadcast on BBC Four for the first three seasons and BBC Two for the last season. It was broadcast on C More in Scandinavia, Calle 13 in Spain, Hulu in the United States, SBS in Australia, Magenta TV in Germany, Canvas in Belgium and Channel 11 in Israel. In Brazil, the TV series premiered on Universal+, streaming belonged to Universal TV, NBCUniversal's channel.[34][35][36][37]

So after just three short weeks we wrap up Black Fly Season, the second series of Canadian crime drama Cardinal. It does make me wonder if it had been extended out to an episode a week rather than the traditional BBC4 double-up if I would have had the patience to persist with what has been a relatively flat storyline in comparison to the superior first season, but with an an absolute slap in the face of an ending it might just set up proceedings going forward to be very interesting indeed.

Featuring in the new season are Alex Paxton-Beesley (Pure), Kevin Hanchard (Orphan Black), Jonathan Keltz (Reign), Dan Petronijevic (19-2), Bruce Ramsay (19-2), Kathryn Alexandre (Orphan Black), Brock Morgan (Murdoch Mysteries), and Nicolette Pearse (Anne with an E).

This is it! The last episode of the second season of Cardinal, are you ready to find out how they will (surely gruesomely) wrap this sucker up? Me too! Rolling into Cardinal S2:E06 El Brujo recap after the break.

The Americans slowed down a little bit this week to take stock of the Big Event that occurred in the premiere. In that spirit of reflection, I started thinking about what is making the show so much stronger this year. The Americans took some time to get off the ground, though that criticism has also been lobbied at shows that, of course, turned into some of TV's best (like Mad Men andThe Wire, both of which began as slow-burns). This second season of The Americans is proving that the setup and the time it took for it to find its footing last year is now paying off through a narrative cohesion the show lacked, to a certain degree, in its first season. Hit the jump for why "I'm gonna get a gun!"

At this point, there are three major arcs happening, two with the Jennings and one with Stan and Nina, that all connect. This has been giving the show a lot more narrative cohesion than in the past. Philip went to check on Fred, who had made the drop with him the day Emmett and his family were killed, something Fred didn't piece together because he had only known Emmett as "Paul," in disguise. But he knew about his children, and that fact saved Philip (the children really are the lynchpin of this season). The idea though that their deaths could have been completely in vain if the Russians don't move on this information immediately sparked worry in Philip. Is it too soon to make a move, since they don't know yet who is targeting them?

In the second season Algonquin Bay is rocked by what looks like a string of occult ritual killings. But are they the work of a crazed cult, or really just part of a drug war taking out the local bikie gang? Not everyone on the force has given up on the idea that Cardinal is a corrupt cop either - could these killings lead to the evidence that will finally convict him?

The first six episodes were adapted from the novel Forty Words for Sorrow, the first in a series of hit crime novels by award-winning Ontario author Giles Blunt. The second season was based on the third Cardinal novel Blackfly Season, while the third uses the fourth and fifth novels, By The Time You Read This and Crime Machine. To date Blunt has written six Cardinal novels, so no prizes for guessing what the recently announced fourth series will be based on.

In the first minutes of season two John and his partner, Lisa find a woman with amnesia wandering around the woods. A bullet lodged in her skull is the cause of her amnesia. Lisa and John spend season two unraveling the pieces puzzle.

With the day also being her birthday, she said she had one wish: to win. She quickly fell behind with two strikes in the at-bat. On the third pitch, she launched a solo home run for the Cardinals first hit of the season.

Two years ago, the New York Giants opened their schedule that way and wound up winning Super Bowl XLII. The team they beat, New England, not only began that season 2-0, they won all of their next 16 regular-season and playoff games before the stunning loss to the Giants.

Still, escaping from an 0-2 hole to salvage the rest of the season isn't easy. Of the 160 clubs that have gone 0-2 since 1990 -- when the NFL expanded its playoff format to 12 teams -- only 22 (13.8 percent) advanced to the postseason while a mere 10 (6.3 percent) won their division.

Even teams that have made such comebacks would be the first to acknowledge that is no way to begin a season. And of the 16 clubs that opened 2009 with a loss, there are certain ones that -- based on the nature of their Week 1 performance and other circumstances (including the presumed added pressure their head coach carried into the season, their schedule, and the strength of their division) -- would figure to be in deeper trouble than others after back-to-back defeats.

1. Chicago Bears (vs. 1-0 Pittsburgh Steelers): After Jay Cutler's four-interception disaster in Green Bay, he and the Bears must figure out how to put the pieces back together in time to face the defending Super Bowl champions. Given the enormous amount of hype that accompanied Cutler from Denver to Chicago, the Bears and their fans had to be discouraged by what they saw against the Packers. Adding to their woes was the loss of defensive catalyst Brian Urlacher to a season-ending wrist injury in the same game. Although the Steelers' defense could easily bring them even more misery, here's a stat that Bears loyalists might find at least a little comforting: Their team has won 11 of 12 games against the Steelers in Chicago.

3. Buffalo Bills (vs. 0-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Their stunningly competitive showing against New England, widely considered a Super Bowl favorite, has had the double-edged effect of raising expectations along with familiar questions about their finishing skills. It marked the third year in a row that the Bills found a way to lose a Monday night game they seemed on the verge of winning. And this was the most painful of all because, after a terrible preseason and so much recent futility against New England, the Bills weren't given a prayer to do much of anything except cause a whole lot of channel-changing throughout the country. The Buccaneers, on the other hand, are considered an opponent the Bills should beat. The Patriot heartbreak certainly did nothing to diminish the sentiment, which Bills owner Ralph Wilson expressed in July, that the Bills will end their nine-year playoff drought. However, an 0-2 start would likely turn up the heat on Dick Jauron, who already changed his offensive coordinator and starting left tackle just before the start of the season.

4. Arizona Cardinals (at 0-1 Jacksonville Jaguars): They hardly looked like the defending NFC champions in their season-opening home loss to San Francisco. They resembled the team that stumbled to a 9-7 finish last year before catching fire in the postseason. The Cardinals shouldn't count on having any such late surge this season. Not with the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks looking like they'll put up a much better fight for the NFC West crown. After one game, there is plenty for the Cardinals to improve, including what is supposed to be one of the most explosive passing attacks in the league. Besides being shut down and pushed around by the 49ers' physical defense, they also drew 12 penalties, a sign of sloppiness that showed up prominently during an 0-4 preseason. The Cardinals can expect the Jaguars' defense to be equally physical.

5. Miami Dolphins (vs. 1-0 Indianapolis Colts): If the Dolphins are out to prove their incredible turnaround season of a year ago was no fluke, they're going to have to do a whole lot better than what they showed against Atlanta. Sure, they were beaten by a good Falcons team. And, as mentioned above, they overcame an 0-2 start last year. But the Dolphins have to be particularly concerned about how badly their offense struggled in Week 1. After being discarded by the Jets last summer, Pennington proved to be exactly what the Dolphins needed by performing with considerable efficiency. He showed very little of that against Atlanta, while facing far more pressure than he saw through most of the 2008 season. Miami's offensive line also did a poor job of opening holes for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. The task won't get any easier against the Colts, who have a dangerous pair of defensive ends in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. 041b061a72

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