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Unformat Serial 54

As you probably know, a numbers like 42572 is the date serial number. But even if the data in the cell is text, changing the format to short date or long date should convert it to a date e.g. 42572 is 21/07/2016

Unformat Serial 54

But what exactly does "undoing the effects of formatting a disk" entail? It basically "factory-resets" the disk by writing zeroes all over it? Is that what "unformat" means? Why would anyone need or want to do that?

If you format a drive with quick format option (FORMAT /Q), it only clears the root directory and FAT area, but before doing so, the format command stores them in unused area of the disk. This is called as storing unformat information.

By default, a valueFormatter will only be used for formatting the values in ag-Grid cells, and the filtering values will be generated from the underlying unformatted data. In order to format the filtering values for this column the same way as the column cell values, we need to pass the valueFormatter to the filter.

Please see this illustrated in the two screenshots below - first screenshot shows formatted (capitalized) values in the filter when the valueFormatter is passed to the filter, while the second screenshot shows the default behavior with unformatted values.

Disk Utility, the macOS Swiss Army knife for working with disks and storage volumes, may have a few blades missing, especially when it comes to working with unformatted drives and unused space on a disk or storage volume.

The disadvantage, however, is that it can make it difficult to work with new unformatted disks you may be using for the first time. This includes working with unformatted drives as well as unformatted USB flash drives.

It may but, you certainly can't decrypt a drive that was encrypted on a different computer even if you are using the same user name and password. Normally an encryption algorithm would use something like the serial number of the original device to generate the encryption key. Which of course would be different on a different computer.

So what you're saying is that when you use DiskUtility to encrypt a drive, the encryption is using serial numbers (or information) from the device that is encrypting it, meaning that only the original device and decrypt the drive even with the appropriate password?

M. Morgan and J. Fisher, "Statistical word boundary detection inserialized data streams," U.S. Patent No. 8,688,617,April 1, 2014. People's Republic of China Patent No.CN103141095B, February 15, 2017.

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