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Autodata 3.38 Language Pack Fin Mega -

autodata has also added a new online (web-based) diagnostic engine to the suite of tools available to its customers. the new system is the first autodata product to be 100% web-based and is capable of monitoring and reporting a wide range of vehicle performance and health parameters.

Add Language To Autodata 338

a new version of the companys autodata diagnostic tool (adt) will be released in the coming weeks. the release of the new tool will also allow body shops to upload vehicle information directly into the tool, providing them with a tool that can be used in multiple places such as on-site and central. the new tool will also be able to deliver data in real-time.

the new adt is just one of many new features and enhancements to autodatas product portfolio in 2016. another new product that will be released this year is the autodata body shop manager. the tool will provide shop owners with a complete package of business tools that allow them to manage their business more effectively and efficiently. this includes tools such as accounts and finance, inventory management, customer relationship management and more.

the autodata business has been on a gradual but significant growth curve for the last decade, said wright. our solution has been improving steadily in functionality, expanding into new areas such as workshop management and, most importantly, becoming more valuable to our customers.

we have an excellent team of mechanics and workshop managers who can guide you through the workshop and maintenance management process, and who are extremely knowledgeable about the product and how to use it. autodata enables our customers to work smarter, by providing the tools and support to help them to make the most of their investment in their business. customers are now more proactive and empowered than ever before.

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