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You can also share albums with friends and family who don't use iCloud. Just open a shared album that you created, click the People button in the toolbar, and turn on Public Website. Your photos publish to a website that anyone can see in an up-to-date web browser.



If set, the results exclude media items that were not created by this app. Defaults to false (all albums are returned). This field is ignored if the photoslibrary.readonly.appcreateddata scope is used.

Folders allow you to organize your albums even further. Each folder can hold multiple albums, and you can create multiple levels of folders. To add a folder, tap the (+) icon from the album listing, and then tap Create Folder. Name the folder and click OK. To add albums to a folder, click the three dots to the right of the album name, select Move To, tap the folder name, and tap Move.

Albums you create in Lightroom for mobile and any changes you make to albums or photos are reflected in Lightroom on all your devices. In Lightroom on the desktop, as well as Lightroom on the web, albums are located in the Albums panel.

There are so many ways to use our photo book creator to make your album perfect for you. Finalize your custom photo albums creation by choosing from finishing options including paper type, layflat pages, hardcover and softcover options, and gift boxes. Whether you prefer a simpler look or a premium design, there are various options and details that will suit your picture albums and bring it all together. With Shutterfly, you can make the best photo books that will last as a keepsake you cherish forever. For more ways to display your favorite moments, order photo prints or create custom wall art with Shutterfly. To keep in touch with loved ones, send one-of-a-kind photo cards that will bring your recipients joy. Photo gifts like blankets, coffee mugs, puzzles, and more items made with your pictures are the best way to highlight each of your favorite moments on something special. For the best Shutterfly deals on photo books, check out our Special Offers page.

We've been creating exclusive, handmade photo albums for photographers since 1969, and extended our range over the years to help photographers of every type stand out from the crowd. Today Queensberry offer beautifully printed, handmade photo books and albums, folio boxes, frames, prints and canvases, we also build the tools that help you sell them so you can revolutionise product sales in your business.

Workspace is part of a 50-year tradition of working proudly with professional photographers to streamline their businesses, save time and build profits. In Workspace you can share beautiful image galleries, build an ecommerce print shop to sell prints online, design and proof photo albums and other products, and even create your website and blog. Plus it's fully integrated with Queensberry, who will print your images, create your products and ship direct to you or your clients.

Selling products is so much work, right? Wrong! Our integrated workflow saves heaps of admin time, and you'll save even more if we colour correct your image files. Save more still on books and albums by having us design the page layouts! Just upload the image files, specify the album, and we can do the rest. You and your client can review, request changes and approve the design online before confirming the order.

Scrapbooks and albums provide a unique record of individuals, families, organizations, and associations and are, therefore, found in many museums, archives, and libraries. Although albums initially were tablets used by the Romans to record public edicts, they have become accounts accumulated over time, often private and personal, preserved on blank pages in a book format. The use of photograph albums became widespread in the latter half of the nineteenth century as photography flourished. Scrapbooks have been a common way of preserving not only photographs, but also newspaper clippings, pamphlets, documents, and other assorted items. Unfortunately, the impulse to save is frequently carried out with techniques and materials that are both detrimental and contrary to the collector's initial intention of long-term preservation.

Although every scrapbook is a unique collection arranged by the compiler, scrapbooks as a group exhibit some common characteristics. Album and scrapbook pages are almost universally made of poor-quality paper that deteriorates rapidly and may become stained and embrittled with time. The binding structure of albums is usually unable to adjust to the bulge caused by the materials the albums contain. Plastics used in modern photograph albums and scrapbooks are often unstable and, therefore, damaging. Items are frequently attached to the pages of scrapbooks and albums with harmful tapes or adhesives. Multi- paged letters or pamphlets may be fastened only by the last sheet; documents may be folded; and written notations may span the pages and the enclosed artifacts. Scrapbooks often contain a diversity of materials such as locks of hair, ribbons, badges, pressed flowers, and other three-dimensional objects. All of these features make scrapbooks and albums vulnerable to damage.

Once the decision has been made to add an album or scrapbook to the collection, standard accessioning procedures should be carried out. Information about the overall physical condition of the item and specific damage to it should be included in the record. The date and name of the individual making this evaluation should be noted. By evaluating the condition at the time of acquisition, proper disposition, storage, and treatment priorities can be established. Scrapbooks and albums already in a collection should also be evaluated or re-evaluated using the same criteria.

The physical storage requirements of scrapbooks and albums vary, depending on their size and condition. Storing small and medium-sized volumes upright on open shelves next to volumes of similar size will discourage warping of covers and distortion of pages. If necessary, scrapbooks may be integrated with archival materials in document boxes or folders but they should be separated from direct contact with otherwise unprotected materials. Volumes in boxes should be stored spine down, adjacent to materials of similar size. Scrapbooks with weak covers or those with covers attached by strings looped through the pages should be tied together with unbleached linen or cotton tape. The bow knot should be positioned at the foredge to prevent interference while shelving or indentations on the cover caused by pressure. Better protection for scrapbooks and albums is provided by wrapping them with acid-free paper and storing them in a protective box. Acid-free or archival-quality paper and boxes can be purchased in standard sizes from archival supply houses or can be custom made. Wrapping or boxing scrapbooks also protects against deterioration caused by airborne pollutants, which are especially harmful to paper and photographic prints. Slipcases are not recommended for the storage of albums because they cause abrasion every time the album is slipped in and out of the case and because they expose spines to light and dust damage.

Some scrapbooks are temporary curiosities and should be considered expendable. Technical and financial concerns must be balanced against the value of a scrapbook for research or exhibition purposes or both. Proper storage and handling will extend its existence. The acquisition of scrapbooks and albums may be on the decline, but museums, historical societies, archives, and libraries have collected them in large numbers, and they will continue to be assembled. Institutions should develop collection policies that will rationalize acquisitions while at the same time provide adequate care for the artifacts entrusted to them.

Palo Albums sells a variety of stamp albums, accommodating every collector. Discover the beauty and functionality of all our stamp albums - learn what to look for in creating your perfect stamp album.Click to find out more

Get creative with Full Wrap Photo Covers, Metal Covers, Face Mount Acrylic Covers, Wood Covers, or 52 mix-and-match Colors and Materials in assorted sizes and combinations. With nearly endless possibilities, you can create unique albums that are perfectly suited to your clients' tastes!

We're using smartURL to make it easier to listen to songs and albums using the service of your choice. When you select the link above, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose Spotify, Apple Music or your preferred music service.

The difference is quite simple. An album will allow you to quickly add photos of a person, occasion, or event to group them together. On the other hand, a folder will only allow you to add existing albums and other folders to it rather than individual pictures.

An example of how you might use this would be to group pictures of your vacations together. You can create an album of all your photos from your trip to Germany and another separate album from your vacation to Spain. You can then create a folder named "Vacations" and add these two albums to it to organize them in one place.

You can continue adding albums as you tour the world! How cool is that? You could also turn individual vacations into their own sub-folders and create further albums inside them for specific events, places, and occurrences on vacation.

Folders and albums are fantastic for creating an immaculately organized photo gallery. Albums allow you to add pictures to categorize and group them together while creating a folder will allow you to store multiple albums in one place. You can choose to keep your photos organized however you want to.

  • Here is some details about how we calculate the average rating of an album and the rank of an album.Average rating: The classic calculation of the average but more weight is affected to the rating of collaborators and to rating with reviews.- Rating only: Weight = 1 - Review by members : Weight = 10 - Review by PA Collaborators : Weight = 20

  • Rank of an album: We use a calculation that compare an album average rating and number of ratings over all others albums in the query using this theory ( _average)

  • to create a variable every query "QWR" (AKA: Query Weighted Rating) use for ordering.By default, only albums with the average ratings above the average ratings of the requested query are displayed in theses lists, you can control this value in the parameters

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