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Christian Belousov

Shadow Warrior Free Download (v1.5) !EXCLUSIVE!

Classic first person shooter Shadow Warrior is available as a free download for Mac over on GOG and Steam this morning. The 1997 PC game garnered fans for its wacky humor, multi-function weaponry, and destructible environment, being based on the Build platform that powered Duke Nukem 3D.

Shadow Warrior Free Download (v1.5)

The full game (including two expansion packs) is being offered on Steam as a free download, but picking it up from GOG also gets gamers the original soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC format as an additional freebie. The remastered "Redux" version of the game is also available on Steam for $0.99 as part of a 2017 Summer Sale.

Twin Dragon is an expansion to the Shadow Warrior Classic and was released as a free download on July 4, 1998. It was created by Wylde Productions and Level Infinity, and features music by Castles Music Productions.

You bought the game? What do you mean you bought it? it's free for download and it is already complete in this site. You can join the game Discord channel here of you want to talk about this situation:

Soon after the release of the game, an add-on pack by the name of Wanton Destruction was announced, but ultimately cancelled. In September 2005, Anthony Campiti, from the Sunstorm company, which was developing the expansion, found the code back and passed it on to 3D Realms. Owners of the original v1.2 registered version can now download it for free. It contains 12 new missions and 4 multiplayer maps. The more in depth story about this can be read here.

Years ago, you'd pay a flat price for a video game and get everything included. These days? You generally pay full price for the "base" game and then pay extra to unlock bonus content. Or you might download a "free" game only to be swindled by psychologically manipulative tactics that suck your wallet dry.

NOTE: This title has been discontinued - the registered version is available as freeware, and has been rewritten for Windows. But Apogee/3D Realms is not distributing it. Please again be aware that if you download that version, you are NOT downloading it from us. If you are interested in that version, you can get info about it here.

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