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Vera Season 11 - Episode 4

Vera Season 11 began on Sunday 29 August 2021 on ITV in the UK, concluding on Sunday 5 September, and those two episodes (1 and. 2) of Vera Season 11 launched on BritBox in the US from 1 September.

Vera Season 11 - Episode 4

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Vera Season 11 continues on ITV in 2022, with two further episodes (3 and 4), to be shown on Sunday 9 January at 8pm, concluding on Sunday 16 January at 8pm. See below for full episode details.

There have been 10 full series of Vera so far while this new series currently running is the 11th and features six episodes. The remaining episodes of Vera Season 11 will be shown in January 2022 (see above).

Covid did make it more difficult to film. It lengthened the filming time of each episode by about a week. To start with the Covid protocol made it a little bit inhibiting but we soon got used to it. It became a sort of dance. If somebody approached you, you naturally stepped backwards. And if anyone did forget, the Covid marshals were over to you with a long stick. Not to hit you with but to make sure you were the appropriate distance apart.

"This episode is full of misunderstandings of the truth," says Kenny. "What I love is you really get into the nitty-gritty of these characters' stories. The further you go, the more dark secrets you unravel."

Following their release there was then a break of four months before episodes 3 and 4 brought us right back into the world of the brilliantly blunt and ever-determined DCI Stanhope in January 2022. Now finally after a further year of anxious waiting, Vera season 11 episodes 5 and 6 are airing in the UK.

Though the ITV series has adapted the likes of Harbour Street, The Moth Catcher and Hidden Depths and The Seagull formed the season 9 finale episode. There are two more recent books in the series after this - The Darkest Evening and The Rising Tide - which provide plenty of material that could be brought to life by the talented cast.

In the first Vera is driving home when she discovers a baby abandoned in a car whilst The Rising Tide focuses on a group of old friends whose annual reunion on Holy Island ends in disaster. And it seems like these two gripping book plots *are* going to crop up in season 12.

This season is a chance for Vera to show the depth of her character. She sets out on a new journey and the time she spent in the gulag will certainly have its effect on her, which we get to witness this season.

Fans of the Brenda Blethyn-led British mystery Vera will be pleased to know that not only is season 11 happening, but episodes have already been filmed. The first part of the season aired in late 2021, with more to come in 2022.

I really enjoy Vera, but I bought the boxed set of DVDs seasons 1-9 and then the single season 10 because the Dvds have English subtitles which make the dialogue understandable! The DVDs from ITV are made for region 2, so an all region or universal DVD player is essential. I am an American also and have difficulty understanding the English mumbles, witty though they may be.

A spokesperson for the programme revealed that alongside the final episodes of the eleventh series, the twelfth series was also in production and the series would be aired concurrently on ITV next year.

Reissued here as a standalone episode (originally released a year ago today as the main feature of Narada Audio Drive-In #1) in order for our listeners to hear it in advance of World Audio Drama Day 2017. Enjoy this creepy offering!

Welcome back to Pulp-Pourri Theatre, this is our all-new episode, "Ghost Lanterns", adapted from a story by Alan B. LeMay, that originally appeared in the 12/20/22 issue of Adventure magazine. Our producer/director, Pete Lutz, wrote this adaptation in 2014.

Because I am unable to post more than one episode per month on my free account at Podcast Garden, I am posting this here and then on June 1st I'll post it there. But I couldn't let this wait any longer -- it's a wonderful interview with one of the most talented and sought-after voice actors I know, Tanja Milojevic. In this installment we chat about her many roles over the years, her personal accomplishments, our many mutual friends and acquaintances, and her goals for the future. We actually chatted for more than an hour, and the conversation came freely as if we were two old pals. But here are the best 53 minutes of that conversation. Enjoy!

Originally released in November 2013, this is the absolute last original episode from the archives that we can post. And to be honest I didn't want to release this one because the sound quality is not up to our current standards. But I've had it cleaned up a bit by Steve Blizin of the Drift and Ramble podcast (check his show out on iTunes, it's awesome), and I think it's ready to be heard (again). At the very least, it's here for continuity, and it has historical value (to show what we used to sound like, I guess).

One of the many special features that appear between-the-acts of episodes of Pulp-Pourri Theatre is the Philboyd Studge Interview: our intrepid reporter travels the globe, chatting with interesting, yet wholly fictitious, people who might have an unusual occupation; or an unusual name; or own a business with an unusual name. In search of the unusual, that's our Philboyd! Here they are, in order of appearance, beginning with his first one with a crack-filler on Mount Rushmore. The final interview is a never-before-released chat with a conspiracy theorist, conducted especially for this compilation. Enjoy!

With this episode we announce our membership in the new "Fatecrafters" Network of shows. Listen for the special trailer between 1 and 2 for a new show by our friends and co-members at Audioblivious Productions!

Wise Words Media and Callumny Films are pleased and proud to make available to international audiences Australia's newest webseries: The Contract: PROJECT: Waterman [season 1]. All 17 Episodes are now available immediately at Callumny Films TV - the webseries release also heralds the debut of this new content aggregagtion distribution outlet.

With total runtime of 11 episodes x 0hr 10m and 6 episodes x 0hr 11m each, Wise Words Media and Callumny Films are making good on a business model and strategy first announced in 2020. [2]

The Contract: PROJECT: Waterman [season 1] marks the third international release in just five years for Wise Words Media and Callumny Films. Previous successful international title releases include:

The Contract: PROJECT: Waterman [season 1] has been created specifically by Wise Words Media & Callumny Films for global distribution partners in online content marketplace spaces for VOD, SVOD, AOD and OTT markets.

The character was therefore imbued with an arc that where the story started as a means for 'WATERMAN' to introduce the project to 'overseas investors', by the final four episodes this is now clearly in the background. 041b061a72

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