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Estim Mp3 Files

'Audio stim' is very simply the use of audio files to control your electro-stimulator. By using audio, you allow for a broader range of rhythms and sensations than can be achieved with simple repeating pattern modes. The benefit of this is that you can set an intensity level that you enjoy, then lay back and enjoy a changing rhythm- hands free!

estim mp3 files

Plus, more advanced players can even make their own audio files that control the stimulation response exactly as desired. By stringing these files together you can create whole 'stories' that will manipulate your stimulation for your chosen length of time. There's a massive audio-stim community online, with many people sharing their audio files for free, so we also highly recommend checking out Joanne's Kinky Forum (which has an active e-stim community) and the e-stim tag on Reddit.

We've created a few extended stereo-stim files that demonstrate just some of the possibilities available with audio play. Don't forget that audio-stim tracks aren't designed to be listened to like music, so it's perfectly normal if they sound strange!

If you're interested in making your own sessions, you can download a selection of library files we've created to help you make your own extended files. By using the free open source audio editing software, Audacity (download here: ) you can paste any of these files together to control your stimulation.

These downloadable files are divided into Synchronised (simultaneously fires channel 1 and 2) and Asynchronous (channel 1 and 2 have different patterns) folders for ease of use, but you can also mix and match these files in Audacity to create new and unusual sensations. Please click the links to automatically download a zip folder of library files which you can use to build your own tracks.

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This album now contains almost 10Gb of audio stimming files and almost 50 tracks, including many software preview audio files of our upcoming release! Check it out! It is free to download in high resolution or tiny mp3 format:).

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Pulses and strokes will keep you hard and on the edge almost permanently. Ramp up the volume on this estim sound file and can you last until the end? We recommend an electrode below the balls (B), and an electrode on the glans penis (A). It also works well TriPhase with a common as a cock ring and B on the prostate. Alternatively, this track is excellent with a PES Big Jim on A and B.

Imagine long-limbed limber fingered aliens have abducted you and taken control of your sexual organs. This track will take you to outer space and beyond with a wide variation of pleasurable and slightly stinging sensations. Use Ch A on the cock or Clitoris and Ch B in the anus. An out of this world estim sound file.

This list of downloadable estim / electrosex, electrostim wav / mp3 files by Dr Orgasm was last updated on Jul 26, 2021 @ 5:05 am. Further update. Dr Orgasm has been working on more brand new, original, earth-shattering orgasmic sound files ready for upload once the COVID lockdown is lifted.

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