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Keller Symplus 5.2golkes

Keller Symplus 5.2golkes

Keller Symplus 5.2golkes is a software package for CNC production and training, developed by KELLER.Software, a German company that specializes in CAD/CAM software for turning and milling. The software is designed to make the daily work of CNC operators, trainers and teachers easier and more efficient. It has a modular structure that allows users to customize their own CAD/CAM system or CNC training package, according to their needs and preferences.

The software supports various technologies, such as turning with 2 or 3 axes, milling with 3 or 3+2 axes, and drilling. It also offers different modules, such as virtual workshop, DIN/PAL controls, CAD/CAM, and postprocessors. The software is compatible with various CNC machines and controllers, and can simulate the machining process in a realistic way. The software also provides a comprehensive collection of information, such as manuals, guides, updates, and FAQs, to help users with any questions or issues they may encounter.

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Keller Symplus 5.2golkes is not only a tool for CNC production, but also a didactic tool for CNC training. It has a proven training concept that helps learners to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for CNC tasks. The software follows a structured and methodical approach, based on the PAL test standards. The software also offers workbooks for turning and milling, which contain various exercises with increasing difficulty levels. The workbooks are aligned with the SYM plus CNC software, and can be used as teaching materials for preparing for the PAL test.

Keller Symplus 5.2golkes is a reliable, practice-oriented, and tried-and-tested software that has been used worldwide for over 30 years by thousands of users every day. It is suitable for small and large production plants, vocational schools, company training centers, and universities. It is also available in different languages, such as German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and more. Users can download the latest version of the software from the KELLER.Software website, where they can also find more information about the product features, prices, support services, and training courses.

Keller Symplus 5.2golkes is a perfect work support for anyone who wants to experience the CNC world with ease.

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