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Cultural History Of India By Om Prakash Pdf 22

Cultural History of India by Om Prakash PDF 22

Cultural History of India is a book by Om Prakash, a professor of history at Delhi University, that covers various aspects of the development of Indian culture from ancient times to the modern period. The book is divided into three parts: religion, art and architecture, and social institutions and economic organization. The book is available in PDF format and can be downloaded from [here].


The first part of the book deals with the religious beliefs and practices of the Indian people from the Harappan civilization to the modern times. It discusses how religions such as the Vedic religion, Buddhism, Jainism, Saivism and Vaisnavism aimed at securing social harmony, moral upliftment, and inculcated a sense of duty in the individual. It also examines the impact of Islam and Christianity on Indian culture and the emergence of reform movements such as Kabir, Nanak and Chaitanya. The book also explores the future of religion in India and the role of secularism and pluralism in preserving its diversity.


Art and Architecture

The second part of the book focuses on the artistic and architectural achievements of India from the Mauryan period to the modern period. It traces the evolution of Indian art and architecture through various styles and influences such as Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Mughal, British and contemporary. It analyzes the symbolism, aesthetics, techniques and themes of various forms of art such as sculpture, painting, music, dance, literature and cinema. The book also highlights the contribution of some eminent artists and architects such as Ashoka, Ajanta, Ellora, Khajuraho, Taj Mahal, Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, Rukmini Devi Arundale and Satyajit Ray.

Social Institutions and Economic Organization

The third part of the book deals with the social institutions and economic organization of India from the Vedic period to the medieval period. It examines the concepts of dharma, purusharthas, varna, caste, ashramas, samskaras and rinas that shaped the social structure and values of India. It also studies the position of women, family, marriage, slavery and mercantile community in different periods of Indian history. It also explores the economic activities such as agriculture, trade, industry and taxation that supported the material life of India.

The book is a comprehensive and informative account of the cultural history of India that covers a wide range of topics and perspectives. It is written in a simple and lucid language that makes it accessible to a general audience. It is also enriched with illustrations, maps, charts and tables that enhance its visual appeal. The book is a valuable resource for students, teachers, researchers and anyone interested in learning more about the rich and diverse culture of India.


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