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Features (IDE and SDK): IDE Application Wizard Creates application templates. Resource Explorer Shows the resources included in a project. UI Builder Helps with UI design for bada applications. Resource Monitor Shows resource usage in running applications. SDK Header files Provide the header files for bada. Libraries Provide the binaries for bada and 3rd party libraries. Provide the full set of the Standard Template Library and an essential subset of newlib. Tool-chain Provides a compiler, a debugger, and standard libraries. Simulator Provides an environment for handset simulation. Provides the Event Injector. Supports the following languages: Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. Features (Namespaces): Osp::App Application Management Provides application classes that serve as the base of a bada application. Notifies alert messages to users, allowing users to launch associated bada applications. Application Controls Manage application control behavior. Support application controls such as contact, calendar, and media. Osp::Base Base Contains classes that encapsulate primitive types (data types and arrays) and interfaces that are abstract classes to provide basic functionality. Collection Defines data structures such as lists, queues, stacks, arrays, and maps. Provides both object-based classes and template-based classes. Runtime Provides runtime information and an event model. Provides an environment for seamless execution of applications written using the bada Framework. Utility Provides various utility classes. Osp::Commerce::Store Item Service Queries item information from Samsung Apps. Purchase Service Sends an item purchase request to Samsung Apps. Queries purchase information from Samsung Apps. Osp::Content Content Management Device content management Manages content and content information on the device. Extracts content metadata. Server content management Manages content and content information on the server. Content Search Device content search Searches by keyword or with SQL-like queries. Server content search based on Content Component Gets a list of content types registered in the server. Searches contents using conditions. Server content search based on Search Component. Gets a list of popular terms, related terms, or recommended terms. Searches contents using conditions with a specific keyword. Content Transfer Supports HTTP downloads from the bada Server or other HTTP servers. Supports OMA downloads from the bada Server. Supports HTTP uploads to the bada Server. Supports multiple content downloads. Shares remote contents. Osp::Graphics 2D Graphics Provide platform independent 2D graphics with 32-bit frame buffer. Provide graphics rendering functions and data structures. 3D Graphics Support OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0. A subset of the OpenGL 3D graphics API designed for embedded devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and video game consoles. Osp::Io File and directory Provides synchronous file read and write operations. Provides operations related to directory creation, deletion, and navigation. Provides access control for folder path, restricting access to system folders from applications. Registry Provides a registry for storing and retrieving key-value pairs in order to facilitate data or state persistence across application starts. Database Provides database features, such as creation, deletion, and SQL statement execution. Osp::Locales Locale Information Manages the locale information specified by the combination of language and country code (defined by ISO) if that locale information is available in the system registry format. Calendar Data Converts between DateTime and calendar fields such as Year, Month and Date using the Gregorian calendar, which is used by most of the world. Manages time zone information with DST (Daylight Saving Time). Formatting Number and DateTime Data Supports formatting numbers, currencies, and DateTimes. Osp::Locations Location Provider Supports location method selection. Provides periodic location updates. Supports zone services based on geographic areas, which can have the shape of a rectangle, circle, or polygon. Landmark Store Manages landmarks on a local device. Remote Location Provider Reports the location to the bada Server. Provides the last known locations of other users. Provides location tracking. Provides application and user level access control. Remote Landmark Store Manages landmarks on the bada Server. Map Service Provides tile-based dynamic map rendering with a client cache. Provides various map operations, such as zoom, pan, and resizing. Geocoding Service Provides geocoding and reverse-geocoding. Directory Service Searches POIs (Points of Interest) on the map. Route Service Requests route geometry, instructions, and summary. Map Control Supports zooming and panning. Handles overlays and information windows. Provides event notifications. Displays the user's location. Osp::Media AudioIn Provides a mechanism for recording raw, uncompressed PCM data from the input device. AudioOut Provides a mechanism for playing PCM data. Camera Controls camera devices. Provides controls such as contrast, effects, ISO, white balance, zoom, flash, and focus. Captures still images to JPEG format. Supported resolutions and formats are pre-defined for each device. Previews live images. RGB and YUV formats are supported. Supported resolutions and formats are pre-defined for each device. The Simulator only supports webcams that generate input frames in RGB888, YUY2, or YUYV format. The primary camera operates in landscape mode and the secondary camera operates in portrait mode during capture, preview, and recording. Image Decodes and encodes images. Decodes images with a remote URL. Converts image formats. Compresses JPEG images into smaller JPEG files. Player Plays audio and video contents in the device. Provides playback controls. Supports multiple audio source playback (sound mixing). Supports streaming playback over RTSP. Recorder Encodes video and audio data into compressed media formats. DRM Manager Gets content information from DRM-protected files, such as the mime type, title, description, author, and copyright. Osp::Messaging Message Management Creates and sends SMS messages. Creates and sends MMS and email messages with attachments. Receives push messages. Osp::Net Account Management Supports information of packet-switched accounts and Wi-Fi accounts. Manages network accounts. Selects the preferred connection. Connection Management Provides a custom connection management service API. Address Utility Provides an Internet Protocol (IP) address that represents a network resource or service. Supports IPv4 only. DNS Utility Retrieves information about a specific host from the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Socket Provides BSD-like socket functionality. Provides secure sockets. HTTP Provides most HTTP 1.1 client features, including pipelining, chunking, and connection management. Provides HTTPS (TLS1.0 and SSL3.0). Osp::Security Crypto Implements cryptography algorithms that facilitate adding security features to applications. Supports Hash, HMAC, AES, DES, RSA, as well as others. Certificate Management Supports X.509 certificates. Supports X.509 certificate chain validation from an "entity" certificate to a trusted CA certificate. Key Management Supports secret keys to encrypt or decrypt messages. Supports public keys and private keys to offer authentication and PKI. Pseudo Random Number Generation Supports X9.31 PRNG Osp::Social Addressbook Supports CRUD for the device contact database. Records change notifications. Calendarbook Manages the calendar database (Event and Todo). Records change notifications. Lifelog Accesses the call log and message log. Profile Service Manages and publishes user profiles. Searches people with contact information. Buddy Service Manages buddies and buddy categories. Manages buddy attributes (friendship level and buddy label). Messaging Service Supports text message exchanges. SNS Gateway Provides a unified interface to access various social networking services (SNS). Supports Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Privacy Management Controls the level of user information (profile and location) access. Manages the access control lists (ACLs) of permitted users. Osp::System System-related Information Gets system information, such as IMEI, phone number, and screen width. Gets the system time and battery information. Gets runtime information, such as the availability of heap and video memory. Device Control Controls alarms, vibration, and the screen on and off policy. Osp::Telephony Telephony Information Gets information of the current call type and status. Gets information of the current network, such as cell ID, LAC, and PLMN. Gets information of the current network status, such as the availability of call and data services and roaming. Gets information of the inserted SIM card. Osp::Text Text Encoding and Decoding Encodes Unicode characters in various character sets, such as 7-bit ASCII, GSM, ISO Latin-1, UTF-8, KSC5601, ISO-8859-1 to 4, Windows-874, Windows-1254, Windows-1255, Windows-1256, Windows-1258, BIG5, and GB2312. Decodes characters in the above-mentioned character sets to Unicode characters. Osp::Ui UI Container Framework Provides containers, such as forms, panels, and windows, which can be used to contain different UI components. UI Window Framework Provides windows, such as the frame, popups, and message boxes, which can be used to support layered display surfaces for UI components. UI Controls Provide UI components for user interaction, such as animation, buttons, labels, context and option menus, progress bars, slider bars, lists, icon lists, edit fields, edit areas, custom lists, scroll panels, overlay panels, and Flash. Multipoint Touch Supports multipoint touch events. Osp::Uix Face Detection, Tracking, and Recognition Locate a face in a camera preview or still image. Recognize and compare faces against a stored database of identities for face matching. Haptic Generates different kinds of vibration effects. Motion Receives notifications for complex and abstract patterns of movement on the device. Sensor Management Accesses sensors on the device, such as accelerometer, proximity, GPS, magnetic, and tilt sensors. TouchEffect Provides key clicks and haptic feedback according to the current system settings. Weather Service Provides current weather information and a weather forecast for the next seven days. Osp::Web Web Browsing Loads a page from the network or local storage. Settings Enable JavaScript, plugins, setting the font size, cache mode, and encoding type. JavaScript Evaluates JavaScript. Web History Provides a list of visited pages from the web control or the browser. Page Navigation List Provides a list of visited pages from a web control instance. Osp::Xml XML Manipulates XML documents through a subset of the libXml2 library.bada SDK 2.0.1 Requirements:

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