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We are facing a lack of natural resources and major energy companies are leading space exploration programs across the solar system. While our planet is dying under a fog of pollution, your scientific crew is sent to Io to conduct an in-depth study of the soil and its mining potential. Everything seems to be under control... until your approaching ship crashes. In The Pioneers, you control three space engineers with complementary specialties. Manage your resources and the needs of your pioneers, expand and improve your space station, explore a vast world with systemic settings for infinite replayability. The Pioneers is in early access. Major updates are regularly added to the game experience to keep the content growing. Stay tuned on our Steam page

The Pioneers Surviving Desolation

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The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation puts players in command of the three-surviving crew of Io-1, forcing them to overcome the realities of surviving in space amidst alien environments filled with low gravity, volcanoes, magnetic storms, and various other dangers. Keep your crew alive while exploring, crafting, and manage resources to do it.

In command of the three-surviving crew of Io-1, players will have to overcome the realities of surviving in an alien environment. Low gravity, volcanos, magnetic storms, and other dangers will put constant pressure on the ability to keep your crew alive. Exploration, crafting, science, and resource management will be crucial to survival.

The Pioneers: surviving desolation is a survival/simulation game for PC. You play as a crew of specialists isolated in a space station and trying to survive the climatic and geological threats of Io, the first moon of Jupiter. Customize your space station, manage your vital resources, explore the surrounding area to strategize and complete your mission.

There is a Cheat Table for the Cheat Engine that allows you to run scripts that allow you to cheat in The Pioneers: surviving desolation. Cheat Table automatically finds addresses responsible for e.g. HP, Time, Cooldowns, Money, and other aspects of a specific game for which it was created. If after updating the game Cheat Table is not working properly, let us know in the comment and we will find a newer version. 041b061a72

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